Interactive Fitness
Connected Fitness, Done Right.
ELIVE connects your bikes to the cloud and forms the foundation of the Interactive exercise experience. ACQUIRE new members. RETAIN them longer. And PROTECT your investment with eLive.
  • eLive Acquisition
    It's a fact. The best way to acquire new exercisers is through your current members. eLive makes this happen by giving your riders the tools to promote your facility and a compelling reason to do so.
    • Team Cardio
      Team Cardio
      Team Cardio brings your community together through healthy challenges between facilities. Inclusive competitions with everyone working towards the same goal gives your members a reason to recruit their friends, colleagues, and family members.
    • Analytics
      Your members aren't just numbers on a graph. So why does your asset manager treat them that way? Analytics with elive gives you insight into member engagement on a personal level, helping you run an efficient facility with a personal touch.
    • Referral Manager
      Referral Manager
      Facebook has become the dominant way in which many friends communicate. Yet most facilities have been unable to attract new members through this channel. No More! Get your message out through your members when they share their workouts with elive.
  • eLive Retention
    A motivated member is a loyal member. We all have goals, but sometimes we need a little extra push to help us get there. Whether your members are motivated individually or by friends, elive delivers that extra kick to keep them going.
    • Ghost Riders
      Ghost Riders
      It is human nature to want to improve. Ghost riders motivate exercisers by showing actual past workouts on screen so members can challenge themselves to set new personal bests or train with friends.
    • My Expresso
      My Expresso
      Track lifetime progress. Earn trophies. Climb the leaderboards online. My Expresso keeps members connected and focused on improving their health and fitness even when they're not on the bike.
    • Challenge Center
      Challenge Center
      Create fun and friendly competitions that bring out the best in your members. With elive, the Challenge Center makes cardio programming a breeze.
  • eLive Protection
    Your peace of mind is priceless. With elive you can rest assured that you are protected by the best people, technology, and warranty in the fitness business.
    • Preventive Care
      Preventive Care
      With elive our customer service team can monitor the health of your equipment and remotely diagnose, fix, or call in service for your bikes, ensuring minimum downtime and maximum rider satisfaction.
    • Updates
      Protect your cardio equipment from becoming old and stale. Software updates with elive continuously improve the owner and member experience, preventing cardio blight.
    • Warranty
      Bikes with the best connected fitness service deserve the best warranty. Purchase your bikes with 3 years of elive and receive 3 years of warranty coverage at no extra cost!
  • elive Pricing
    Interactive owners can purchase eLive through the Bike Manager, or if you purchased eLive with your new bike please register here to activate your service.
    1 year extension $199 Buy Now
    3 year (includes warranty) $499 Available only with purchase of new bikes.