In a world overrun by treadmill zombies and staircases that lead to nowhere, hope had been all but lost. A cloud, dark as night, hung heavy over the barren landscape of cardio equipment littered with shattered resolutions and dying dreams. Tears of boredom welled in the eyes of the innocent and the people had grown weak, starving for a decent workout, until one day a warrior rode forth on his Expresso Bike, and changed everything...


As riders progress through their training they will earn trophies and unlock new maps.

unlock diagram


Once a map has been unlocked, riders can compete on the leaderboards to become masters of different disciplines.

master diagram


New games are available exclusively on Expresso HD bikes with eLive. Contact us today for more info. If you have an older chariot (S2 or S3) you may be eligible for our trade-in program.

Expresso HD