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What Sets Us Apart

Expresso is In a World of Its Own. Discover the Difference.



With over 40 virtual tours ranging from easy to difficult, there’s a road for every rider. Whether you’re new to cardio or a seasoned cyclist, you will be sure you will be getting more than a workout. Expand your horizons and explore everything from coastal runs and forest getaways, to Mayan ruins and outer space!

Steering and Shifting

Nothing comes closer to the real thing like physically shifting gears and turning handlebars. Bend around turns and navigate past other riders.


Forget everything you think you know about cardio equipment and experience real terrain! The bike automatically adjusts resistance according to the elevation on screen.


The adjustable yellow-jersey pacer rides with you to keep pushing you to your maximum potential.


Haunting yourself from a previous ride is your Personal Best. Your Ghost follows you and is a constant reminder of your unrelenting ambition. Don’t let your Ghost beat you to the finish - bust that best time! Even send Ghosts to friends to see if they are any match for your best rides.

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Group Rides

Riding is always better with friends! If you have 2 or more bikes on the same network, you can race in real time with other riders.

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Dragon Fit

Unleash your inner warrior and explore the realm of dragons. Unlock maps as you collect rewards and capture dragons. Master worlds in a variety of disciplines, including Power, Speed, and Tactics modes.

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Ride Sharing

Prove you’re the best after every ride. Share your best times and leaderboard status with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

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My Expresso

My Expresso keeps you motivated and working towards improving your health and overall fitness. Track your ride history, stats, and challenges, as well as view leaderboards and challenge friends! Expresso even connects to MyFitnessPal for added training tactics.

The Coolest Bikes on No Wheels

Expresso Bikes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. All come with the same one of a kind ride experience. Pick the one that's right for you.


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