Studio Cycling

Kick your training up a notch with Studio SWEAT onDemand

Team up with thousands of riders from hundreds of countries to get fit and stay that way. Cat Kom and her elite group of expert trainers are here to motivate you every step of the way.

New Classes Every Week

Get inspired and stay inspired with new classes every week. The coaches from Studio SWEAT onDemand are hear for you Monday through Saturday and twice on Sunday.

On Your Schedule

HIIT, endurance, fat-killing, Calorie-crushing workouts ready to go, 24x7. Studio SWEAT onDemand fits into your schedule, no matter when motivation strikes.

With Top Instructors

Bethany, Brian, Mere, Mike, Rebecca and of course Cat Kom. With Studio SWEAT onDemand, the best coaches in the industry are here to help you reach your goals.

This Week's Classes

Catch Me, then Climb!

Cat Kom (24 min)

The SWEAT Bucket Challenge

Bethany (28 min)

30 Minute Strong Ride

Mike (30 min)

Hip Hop

Cat Kom (32 min)


Cat Kom (37 min)

Your Internal Rhythm

Mike (44 min)


Cat Kom (48 min)

Feelin the Legs and Lungs

Cat Kom (51 min)


Bethany (54 min)

Cardio Circuit Cycling

Rebecca (57 min)