With Expresso, you will scale mountains.

Forget everything you think you know about cardio equipment. Experience the thrill of riding outside indoors. The magnetic resistance drive in your Expresso Bike is the same technology used in millions of hybrid automobiles. This breakthrough allows Expresso to simulate the feeling of the road with incredible accuracy so that you can immerse yourself in your workouts like never before.

Indoor cycling with a twist and turns.

With your Expresso Bike you control your own path. Our state of the art handlebars turn left and right driving your experience on screen and making each ride unique.

Follow your heart.

Heart rate sensors are conveniently placed in the upright posture position. This allows you to maintain a reading throughout your ride. Your Expresso Bike also supports Polar Wearlink compatible HR monitors.

Steer to success.

Each set of new handlebars is precisely calibrated and controlled with a magnetic angle sensor. This groundbreaking component is capable of tracking your turns on the micro level. The result is an ultra responsive steering experience that brings your workouts to life.

Shift your workouts.

We have hand chosen military grade switches for shifting. During manufacturing, each switch undergoes a special water-sealing process. The end result is a shifter that can withstand the most demanding environments in the world including your sweaty workouts.

A little friendly competition.

Whether you are an elite cyclist or a first time exerciser, you will love the fun competitive options on your Expresso Bike. Find what motivates you. Track self improvements or take on the world. Achieve your goals and then bring on the next challenge. Here are just three of the many ways to get engaged.

Group Rides

Riding is always better with friends! If you have 2 or more bikes on the same network, you can select the same course and race in real time.

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See how you stack up against people like you. Leaderboards can be broken down by age and gender. Each season marks a new opportunity to climb in the ranks.

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With your Expresso Bike you get a new worldwide challenge every month. Keep your workouts fresh and compete together as a team or achieve the goal as an individual rider.

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Meet your training partners.

Work out at your pace.

With your Expresso Bike you can train like a pro. The top cyclists in the world all have teammates that lead them out. The Pacer is your lead out man. Control his speed during your rides by setting his power output. Set a pace works for you. Follow him throughout your ride. And blow him away at the finish line to win the stage.

An entirely new way to challenge yourself.

Your Expresso Bike remembers each time you ride. This allows you to challenge your previous best effort, a recent ride, or even your friends from around the world. Ghosts are a powerful mental motivator that have been scientifically shown to produce superior results in top athletes. Now you can harness this elite training tool to grow stronger and stay motivated.

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Let's get personal.

My Expresso is your online portal that keeps you motivated and working towards improving your health and overall fitness. Sign in to track your ride history and stats over your entire career on your Expresso Bike! With My Expresso you can connect to MyFitnessPal, Go365 and other third party apps for added training tactics.

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